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Calabogie Services Golf Club re-Gripping

Golf grips should be changed every season or after forty rounds


Having the correct grip pressure is essential for good swing mechanics. Tight hands holding old or worn grips can lead to club twisting and missed shots. Over-gripping worn grips can lead to swing misalignment and unnecessary hand and wrist strain. New grips fitted to your hand size can help reduce slicing and hooking. In addition, new grips feel better, perform better in wet weather, and are more comfortable, resulting in better swings.  Having the same type of grip on each club, excluding the putter, gives a more consistent feel.

All grips are porous and, over time, absorb moisture, dust, dirt and UV rays.  Many pros change their grips every two months. We recommend every year or 40 rounds or by the single club if you practice certain clubs more than others.

Your golf swing is about physics. New grips help to better transfer energy down the shaft to the head and the ball.

Grip sizes come in Under Size, Standard, Mid Size, Over Size and Jumbo.

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